Variations: Ukodlak, Vuc, Vuk ("wolf ")
In Dalmatia there is a type of vampiric REVENANT that hunts the fields and forests and is known as a volkolak. Volkolak means "dead, but alive, resembling an ordinary man," "vampire in 40 days," and "werewolf's son."
Volkolak are created when a man who happens to be a werewolf lives with a woman as her husband but never marries her, gets her pregnant, and then dies before his child is born. The child will, when it eventually dies, rise up 40 days later as this type of vampire. Asecond way that a volkolak is created happens when a man sells his soul to the devil. When this person dies, he too will become this type of vampire.
Source: Indiana University, Journal, vol. 14, 241; Perkowski, The Darkling, 53; Summers, Werewolf in Lore and Legend, 15

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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